Chums of the Year

thelonekayaker I may be, but it’s always more fun with family and friends. Here’s a gallery of my fellow paddlers for the year. Most, like me, love every minute of it. Only one said “that’s the most frightening thing I have ever done!”

DSC04206 (1) (1)
Dave, Yours Truly, and Paul
Kevin at Hartland Quay
Dave telling Paul a fisherman’s tale
Jane and Jeremy shred the Tamar
Mark and Beep, Boscastle
Cushing, Fowey
James, Julia and Tom (Henry dropping in)
Krysia and Becky
Tabby, Morwellham
Daisy, Buttercup and Ermintrude (not sure who the paddlers are)
Charlie, Daniel, Sam, Thomas
Dave and Simon, Fowey
Hydes, Morwellham
Dan, Estepona
Hezzer, Estepona
Luke and Paul, Boscastle
Sue and Kim
Scum of the earth. Definitely NOT a friend

Chum of the year award must go to Mike Scheu who is used to the more predictable, and almost always sunny, weather conditions of his hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona. Yet he still claimed to enjoy the two or three hours we spent battling rain and winds on one mid September afternoon.

Mike and Myself, Calstock
Mike enjoying the best the UK summer could offer
Kevin tackles the turmoil

When no Homo Sapiens are available to join me for a paddle, I have to settle on this sort of thing for company…….IMG_0363


3 thoughts on “Chums of the Year

  1. Great pictures! I’m a recent subscriber from Fowey who was lucky enough whilst on NCI Watch on 8th November to observe the amazing Bluefin Tuna shoal from Polruan. I also spotted the three guys landing several boat-loads of Sea Urchins at Caffamill in Fowey, and have since checked their activities with the IFCA.
    I’m 100% with you on the Jet-ski issue…appalling machines.
    Keep up the good work and if ever you’re back in the Fowey area do call the NCI or myself, it would be great to meet up.
    Happy Christmas!
    Salvador Potter
    07870 132627

    1. Salvador, great to hear from you and it sounds like we sing from the same hymn sheet! I will call in next time I am around Fowey and Polruan. very best wishes, Rupert

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