It’s Tough being Little

Cygnets chilling

There’s more to being a recently hatched waterbird than sitting about with your siblings looking fluffy. Just keeping up with the gang can be a problem.


Weather conditions in blazing June can be challenging. Not good if you have no waterproof coat, or feathers.


The nearest shelter is underneath Mum’s tum:sheltering ducklings 1

sheltering ducklings 2
Mallard chicks in under

For an impressively large brood of eight cygnets, the broad wing of mother’s wing is about the only umbrella large enough, but it’s still a bit of a squeeze.


It would appear that there’s only room for seven. Lucky it was only a passing shower.


Goslings are insatiable lawnmowers and are so intent on their task that they run the risk of being trampled underfoot by fellow pasture-grazers:


Cygnets have bold and protective mothers who make it absolutely clear how they would deal with thelonekayaker if he should venture too close. I get the impression it would be more than just stealing his ham sandwiches and eating his custard creams.


Not all parents stand their ground, however. In fact this newly hatched Moorhen’s parents were absolutely nowhere to be seen, leaving junior stranded on the bank like a…er…sitting duck (or more like a miniature penguin). It looked a bit unsure about things.

Moorhen chick
Moorhen chick


However it’s not all bad.





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