About the Author

My name is Rupert Kirkwood.roops dolphin


I love paddling my kayak and am a huge fan of the UK’s underrated wildlife.

Having explored every inch of the coast of SW England (all 1154 miles of it) and notched up over 20,000 paddling miles in total I now concentrate on offshore kayaking (when conditions allow) in search of more extreme sea creatures. dolphin2P1050145

I have been thrilled to encounter three species of whale, four species of dolphin, basking sharks, Giant Bluefin Tuna, sunfish, seals, a leatherback turtle, porpoises, puffins, peregrines, otters and swimming fox, deer and badger.

Although big is best:Fin whaleJumping Giant Bluefin Tuna

I also love to see the little stuff that is easily overlooked:P1100278

as well as everybody’s favourite sea creatures.Puffin 2